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the 2nd classic rules


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:unsure: from reading over the rules for the next brc classic, i found these. all fish must be weighed gilled and gutted. What happens if you wanna keep the fish you catch alive in a live well, and release them ?>.

fish must be wieghed in befor 4pm the day there caught, what happends if you cant make it to the way in, and also your fishing in the night for salmon ect?

if your entering as a one man team, and cant get to the way in venue every day what are we ment to do?:unsure:

why do we have to prosent the fish in a natural fiber bag ?

Only one breaam per day way be wieghed in per day, if you cant weight in every day you bring your heavest bream on the last day ?

Me personally, i dont wanna catch bream, and go to all the effort to keeping them alive in a tank with airrater, then jsut to have to kill it gut,fillit the fish.


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Wow looks like a lot of thought has gone into the entry form, I am impressed.

Ando there is a morning weigh in session as well!

Just a quick note, your rules would appear to make canoes, kayaks and other very small boats (IE those with less than 4hp outboards) because they are not registered, ineligable to compete is that the intention?

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Edit is not working - meant to add this to the above.

Also those who deploy baits using row boats, inflatable boats etc which are not registered may interpreted as breaking the comp rules, because they are using an uregistered vessel.

The reason I ask is that I can see it being quite likely that insurance needs would dictate such small craft as to risky, and the exclusion may be deliberate, but on the other hand best to ask as it could be unintentional!

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The rules and conditions of this competition has taken considerable time to construct and have been made in a way that satisfies insurance needs, current Queensland fishing regulations and is feasible for the competition. The rules and conditions has been reviewed by the Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries.

1) The BRC this year has been organised so that all fish must be weighed in dead. One primary reason is that a team weighing-in a live fish is disadvantaged if a team with a whole dead fish is weighed-in but have contavened the rules by putting weight (eg sinkers) into the fish, to increase its weight. We hope to in future competitions incorporate the possibility to weigh-in live fish, but for this competition it is not possible. Also, we have made the rules so that only one fish of each species may be brought to the weigh-in each day, limiting senseless killing of fish.

2) The rules have been designed to allow multiple opportunites for entrants to weigh their fish in. You will have to attend the relative morning or afternoon weigh-in sessions depending on the time you caught your fish. If you are fishing in the night you need to weigh-in at the 10am weigh-in session anything caught that night. Organising transport to the weigh-in venue is the team/ entrants own responsibility.

3) The use of natural fibre bags is in line with modern practices on environmental sustainability. The BRC encourages environmentally friendly lifetstyles and for this reason it is mandatory to use this type of bag. However, it is easy enough to get a green 'Coles' shopping bag.

4) If you cannot weigh-in everyday, you may only bring in one fish per species to the final weigh-in (or whatever weigh-in you come to), still within 24 hours of catching the fish. So naturally to give you the best chance of winning you would bring your largest fish to weigh-in.

5) I have spoken with the insurance and i will be amending the entry form to accommodate kayaks, canoes and inflatable watercraft. stay tuned

6) Cast nets may be used for bait.

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Thanks for that. It answered quite a few relitive questions. Also, do prizes depend on how many people enter the comp.? I.E. The more money coming in from entry/donations, the more can be put towards better prizes? Because I was wondering, how would you know how much money will be coming in? Or are you just taking an estimate?

Ando has posted the topic post 'Who's fishing the classic?' This will probably give an ok esimate wouldn't it?

Also who is classified as an event organiser? I'm guessing Angus and John would be two of them. Are they the only ones?


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Event Organisers are people assigned to those positions and can be found out at the event.

prizes are not dependent on how many people enter the competition. we are wokring hard to get sponsors and prizes, among all the other things involved. we are trying to get these finalised as soon as possible to let people know what they are entering to win. on that note, if you know anyone that is willing to sponsor the event and gain some good exposure please feel free to forward them onto angus or myself.

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