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Thanks Johnny and Angus MBC.


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Thanks Angus and Johnny for a well run event.

I made a few bad decisions as to where to fish but due to the good company of Fisherjoe and Rocket still had an enjoyable day.

You dont have to catch fish to enjoy yourself.

Might have to purchase some flares before next years event so that I can venture out further and catch a fish that I can weigh in.

Was good to meet up with some old and some new faces afterwards and an apology to those I didnot have time to talk to.

Looking forward to next years event and congratulations to all the big winners and thanks to the sponsors who also helped to make an exceptional event.

Bet there will be heaps more entrants next year.



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Ditto. I was a bit late getting to the weigh-in/presentation as the fish only started biting at 3pm :dry: Was a bit shocked at the lowish numbers for such an attractive event with exceptional boating weather.

Thanks to Angus, John, Sponsors and all the Competitors (except kreel for winning my only chance for a prize - lucky door prize :blush: ) :P

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Yep, good company, great conditions, lots of prizes and heaps of happy faces. :)

I had a ball catching Trevs and Pike on lures (even if they were not prize species).

good format, opportunities for everyone, I'd encourage more fishos to be there for the next one. Thanks to the AFO crew for another good event.


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