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Moreton Bay Classic - Wrap Up


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The 2009 Moreton Bay Classis was a great success for Brisbane Fishing Online. A perfect combination of weather, participants and some quality captures ensured this day will be remembered by many of the members.

 A special thanks must go out to all those that did compete and help to make this event great. Further thanks must be extended to our various sponsors who provided some of the prizes for the event; Sports Tuition, Damiki Lures & John Deere. Tacklewarehouse also provided us with a discount on the 2nd place prizes so a big thank you to them as well!

The team at Brisbane Fishing Online were exceptionally pleased with the format that was trialled for this event. The issue we wanted to tackle while planning for this event was how to successfully manage a weigh in, without large numbers of dead fish. The method of photo entry employed by the AFO admin ensures not only that there are no fish killed unnecessarily for “trophy†status, but it also expands the range of species available for entry.

Congratulations to all those competitors that took out a placing.



1st: Henry Do : 56cm

2nd: Shannon Johanson: 51.5cm

3rd: Wes Watson: 44cm


1st: Rob Low: 48cm

2nd: Mark Sheehan: 45cm

3rd: Jamie Bowles: 42cm


1st: Ian Ferguson: 20cm

Grassy Sweetlip

1st: Travis Warren: 30cm

2nd: Jeff Flynn: 28cm

3rd: Darren Griepink: 27.5


1st: Shannon Johanson: 36.8cm

2nd: Jeff Flynn: 36.5cm

3rd: Wes Watson: 34.5cm


1st: Wes Watson: 41cm

Estuary Cod

1st: Jamie Bowles: 52cm


1st: Baden Phillips: 29.7cm

2nd: Jeff Flynn: 29.3cm

3rd: Terry Langham: 29cm

The Team at Brisbane Fishing Online are looking very forward to hosting next years Moreton Bay Classic! We hope to see you all there.


Brisbane Fishing Online

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Thanks for the great day guys, special thanks to our skipper Benno - he always puts us on the fish.

To be honest I was less than impressed with my fishing at the comp - both Ben and tBox had boated some quality fish (2 tuskies for Ben and a PB squire and a Trev for tBox) - all I could manage were bream, rat squire and various rubbish mostly undersized.

My mood turned around back at MBC base camp, met up with some old mates and put some faces to names. I was over the moon when I won one of the John Deeres along with Ben and tBox.

Doubly ecstatic with the Sports Tuition charter and the cream on the cake was the novelty size cheque for the bream comp! That went straight to the pool room (or in this case the wall of my office).

I wish I had Ellicats fishing mind, we were throwing those round flatties back all day - had we only known.


Best skipper - Benno

Best double hook-up - tBox

Best event organisers - (tie) - Gus and John

Tallest story - Ellicat

Best win for a 3 handed angler - Jefff

Best prize - novelty size cheque (lets get them bigger next year) [img size=500

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