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Tweed River 25/10 - 5kg Golden Trev land based


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This needs a little back story. About 6 weeks ago I was fishing the Tweed, had one rod baited and in the water and was rigging up a second and idly chatting to my mate when I hear the drag go. Too late. The rod that had been hit was only resting on a bucket and I hadn't really taken care of the drag, so I stood by and watched $200 worth of kit sail through the crystal clear Tweed like a U-Boat torpedo, bubbles trailing off it and all.

It's fair to say that that incident stuck in my craw. Night after sleepless night I've laid awake - "Was it a Stingray, was a shark, was it a trevor?"

Today I found out.

I set up shop at exactly the same spot at about 7.30am this morning armed with prawns and whitebait. Clear sky, no wind and the bottom of the tide with little run. This time I remembered to bring my rod holders too!

So, after about an hour of not too much action I see a huge bite on the Ugly Stick...then nothing... "BUGGER!" I drop what I was doing, pick up the rod and give it a whack to see if anything is actually attached. Two words - FREIGHT TRAIN!

For 90 relentless seconds the fish took line, at this stage I though for sure it was a ray. But then it started to move a fair bit more erratically that any ray would and I wasn't too sure what I had on, all I knew was that it was big and not entirely pleased with it's new facial piercing.

It now had taken my down stream and moved in very close to the bank and I'd yet to get a look at it. Still thinking ray, I was sure a close encounter with an oyster shell was going to end my fun. So off I took chashing the as yet undentified beast down stream, praying like hell that the hooks hold. Then I see it. HUGE! Golden! TREVALLY!

All I can think of now is "How in hell am I going to land this thing?" Fortunately for me he'd tired considerably. But not enough though and off he goes for yet another run. I'm currently looking about for any passers-by to give me a hand. No one. I've got to do this myself.

He tires again, and I get him close, taken EXTRA care to avoid a fatal rock/oyster/line debarcle. I tighten up the drag and sense he's done and literally drag him out of the water and onto some rocks. Down I run, careful grab of the tail, and up the bank and he's mine!

Sweet, sweet revenge for my $200 outfit and my personal biggest fish. STOKED!



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