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my MBC 2010 report


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Hi all,

Rocked up to the sign in at manly on sat. morning at 11:30am :blush: couldn't find a soul haha so called tugger and asked where to go, still nobody around. had almost given up hope when i eyeballed gus's car, then saw gus walkin towards me so just snuck in.

Registered and left the area prepping for the night session.

Headed out to the northern bay after dark and started peppering a number of spots. First fish didn't come on board for a while and I was stoked to eventually land a yellowtail king just nudging the metre. I didn't push him hard and went pretty easy as I didn't want to get bricked and eventually he came boatside, was my first kingfish and a very nice start to the classic even if ineligible species :D

nothing happening though on the snapper front so far so moved around a bit and tried some more areas, many casts later I finally felt the sharp whack of a snapper hit and the solid weight and big headshakes told me it was a good one :cheer: turned out to be 66cm to the tip so finally had a contender for the snapper category. Fished a bit more through the night, putting up with the increasing wind and chop landing a smaller snapper before anchoring up out of the elements for a bit of kip.

Woke up bright and early and tried a bit more fishing (half hearted at best) and also tried to get some squid in the shallows, but I was so chilled to the bone from the night that I felt i needed a hot shower and to get off the water. went home had another hr of sleep then off to manly, satisfied with the 66cm.

Turns out I won the snapper category by 3cm which i'm also stoked about :cheer:







just like to say congrats to everyone that contended and there were some nice fish caught over the weekend througout the 40 odd entrants. look forward to doing it again soon!



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