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first jack on a lure!


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after a great session trolling last weekend at currimundi lake i decided to hit it again today in hope of landing a jack. once again the bream were going off just like last week.

an hour into it i was hooked to something that was giving me a bit of currie. i was calling it for a trev but to my surprise it was a jack not real big but my first lure caught jack:woohoo:

put him back into the water and off again. wasn't long and i was on again. it's "another jack" i yelled, i couldn't believe it, two in one day. (it must be the shirt:laugh:)

anyway we landed a couple more bream and a lizard and it was time to head back to the ramp.

cheers for reading.



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yeah rod ended going down there with ryan and a mate, i got a donut and ryan landed about 8 but all his were caught on diving lures. they wern't likeing the poppers tonight. we wern't there long and they opened the gates:( :( it's amazing how quickly the water comes up.

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bugga about the donut mate, need to steal some of Ryan's lures :)

were there many other fishos there?

did you get any warning the gates were being opened (ie by SEQ WATER staff or some kind of signal) or did you just see the water rising?

I've been checking the SEQ water web site to see if they advise the public of gate openings.... they say they do....but no mention on there at the moment of Nth Pine, only Leslie Harrison. Same story the other day when Kiwi was told the road was closed for a gate opening...nothing on the website.


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