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So howd everyone go?


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hey all!

Hope everyone did well!

I only got the chance to get out once, and that was on Saturday. Took the yak out to wello point for a quick paddle. Was a beautiful morning, quit light winds and no rain.

Started flicking and drifting, but wasnt having much luck. That was kinda the whole session. Did catch a couple of undersized bream, and had 1 fun run on the bream gear, took the lure, had a run.....then spat the lure :(

never mind, had a great morning out in the beautiful weather.

i did see a guy out there on a hobie, he had had better luck, a few squire i think he said.

Im def looking into getting a hobie in a couple of months!

I also got to test out my new toy. Video glasses! Pair of sunnies with built in video camera, wasnt too shabby, just need to work out how to use it better! Will be taking out next few sessions to see if i can get some "Ash Cam" vid's of fishing,

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i'm pretty sure if there was a category for donughts i'd have it in the bag.

only got out twice in the boat, and once landbased for 0

first trip was out to mud on the sunday night for a couple of grinners and a couple of ball tearing runs on some pillys that ended up doing the leader.

next was a quick landbased flick on evening where the biggest thing landed was an 8cm whiting in the cast net

then a trip down the pin yesterday arvo where i managed a flounder/sole and dad nailed 2 45cm flatties and a small bream only to have the camera batteries be dead on us and the back-up camera left in my car as the memory card was full and the battery was in the same state.

only thing left is to cross my fingers for the lucky door prize.

i'll definately be entering again next year and taking the week off work to maximise my chances to get out and fish (nothing will help me catch things though :P )

hope everyone had a good week and i don't wish you any luck with the lucky door prize!

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Spent the afternoon haunting the Woody Point foreshores armed with whiting gear, no luck. Water very very clear. Tried floating a few pillies off the boat ramp walls - again no go. Had a walk along the jetty - a few yellowtail about - not a lot of action by the looks of things. Might get interesting after dark?

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Got an entry for Bream, Flathead and Snapper and the Snapper was only caught like 1 hour ago so it was a rush to get home and put it in. Caught alot of Tailor over the week and didn't bother taking photos thinking someone would pip 50cm easy but in hindsight I should've taken a few photos, maybe next time.


Caught this one at the death going 44cm, maybe a winner fingers crossed B)

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very tough to get some heavy weight fish!! if the comp went cms overall of each fish then i caught about 100mtrs worth :silly: :lol: some very tough days with the wind, i ended up with 6 species of the 8 all though some are pitiful :(

does any one know if there is any prizes for second and third or is it just a first place cash prize?? and are all submitted entries in??

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Hi Guys, was a tough week at times with that damn wind, with the southern boundary up just south of Couran Cove i had to fish in areas i had not fished as much as my spots closer to home.

Monday was at the mouth of the Pimpama for whiting, found a few but no monsters, probably would have been better at night but the older i get the more i like being warm, so that was the end of the whiting fishing.

Tuesday i had a crack at the main channel in front of Couran Cove for Tailor, there were a few there but again no great size, took a photo of one and that was that.

Wednesday was up at the Pin or for me it should be called the nursery, only small stuff, certainly nothing to brag about.

That was my comp, my first but very enjoyable.

It is amazing how much ore difficult it is to fish unfamiliar waters but it does tend to make you more determined, cheers wayne

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Very disturbed! My pathetic little Snapper was winning till about a minute ago, damn you whoever caught a less embarrassing fish than me!

That would be mine ha ha ha ha B)



Curse you Mr Fantastic (if that's your real name)!

I will have my own back at the next competition!

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All the entries are being reviewed and a front page article should be up soon!

I managed to get a few sessions in over the course of the comp although not as a competitor.

Didnt manage to find any of those Goldens at Dunwich but did find a few of these:


Full report to come once all the official MBC stuff is done :)


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Well done to those who got some decent fishing time in. Next year Ill be taking some more time off during the comp so I can compete a bit better. I did admitingly have the thursday off. But after an amazing night of Origin the night before, i was in no shape for anything! :sick:

And Gus, ill need to to take me to Wello so u can show me how to fish it properly next time!

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Next year I will take a few days off to fish and write the correct number on my card so I can actually submit a fish :silly: .

Thursday and Friday looked the goods to fish, but after 12 and 13 hour days I couldn't be asked.

Congrats to all the winners. That bream was an absolute cracker.

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