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i hate to be a bully but i thought id let you know that terry got ripped off. He payed $329 for his black magic harness. I decided id ring up a black magic dealer in brisbane and guess how much they were there $160!!! Unfortuneatly it was old stock and there was one left and it sold a few days ago. Hes guna get more in so they might be a bit more now. But no where near $329 according to the guy. Terry if u should learn anything, it should be that reaserch pays.


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Dave, from what I saw, the cost price of the system is more than that. If you look on the web, you'll see you can get it for $400 from black magic - with free delivery, $107 US PER PIECE from the US (which is about $280 - which still doesn't help you because it's in the US, so you'd have to get it sent over) $350 from some shop in NZ.

$300 for some one from Anaconda.. which isn't the same as the one I have (it is not the all black model)

$350 for both pieces from Jones Tackle.. that's $175 per piece.

I get the feeling it's either 1. The white model? (I dunno when they stopped making them) or 2. $160 for each piece.


/>http://www.gotyatackle.com/store/product.asp?ID=812 <- Harness alone for $155 on special.. normally $199.

Same place: http://www.gotyatackle.com/store/product.asp?ID=990 <- $315 for both. (This is a store in WA)

Based on what I've seen on the internet, and various stores what I paid was reasonable.

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Edit 2:

Also, based on what OTHER FISHERMAN in AUSTRALIA have said about the Black Magic Harnesses, what I paid is a decent price.

It's possible this guy is ordering in the older WHITE model, which can still be bought (according to Black Magic) and, of course is a lot cheaper.

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