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Tackle storage

Tim a

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I was in amart a few months ago when I saw a nice rod rack on special. It then dawned on me that seeing as Im going to get a few more rods in the future I should get it and set it up in my room. I also picked up a big plastic tubberware box for my reels. Soon Im going to find a drawer with several compartments for different tackle boxes and bags. I was wondering how does everyone else store their tackle because I know many people have much more than me and it must get in a mess. So how do you store yours?

Pic of my new storage system in my room so I wake up and see it B)

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I have a rod holder similar to yours dude, all bits and peices and reels go in my portable box, and al my lures and hooks and sinkers and stuff go into a big tackle box. I then choose what tankle i want to take and put them in the compartments for my tackle bag.

I use to have them anywhere, but the wife has this strange thing against mess and clutter, so she bought me all the gear to make it neat and tidy. This way, we both win.

[img size=431]http://www.australianfishing.com.au/media/kunena/attachments/legacy/images/fishing_gear.JPG

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Very simple to make all you need is access to a saw bench and a hole saw and some packing case timber, There is a bloke on ebay who sells plans for $10 but all you need to do is copy one.If you want to come down to redland bay we can knock one up. If you scroll back you can see the one I made in my treasure chest.

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Gerty_92 wrote:

nice wooden rack...how much did that set u back??

i want to get one but i end up spending the money on lures and other stuff like that...do u think they would be hard to make??<br><br>Post edited by: Gerty_92, at: 2007/01/05 23:06


I got ripped off - I paid $75 and it's too much.

It's too small, crappy finish, no instructions and looks cheap or so my wife says.

As Ray says easy to make - but only if you have the tools and skill. It took me, my wife and my daughter an hour to put together the one above. If only I had a Ray in the shed.

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Feral wrote:

Rods hang off a couple of bits of number eight wire in the garage, or (smaller ones) lean against shed wall.

Reels (those not left on rods), in a tool box.

Other fishing gear gets stored in an old pine wardrobe (with shelves) in the garage.

Call me quick, but here is the photo to go with this! [img size=375]http://www.australianfishing.com.au/media/kunena/attachments/legacy/images/P1060410.jpg


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Ok being a woman i have to say this....WHAT A MESS! ok that being said if you got into the mess or let your wife at it (like my hubby did) you end up with ALOT more room to move around find things easier and have so much more space that you need to give your misses a kiss on the way out and go shopping to fill it back up.

once everthing is tidy (and not thrown out) you relise that you really don't have enough or need more of something else so go shopping and buy more stuff to refill the garage or wherever you keep the fishing gear. wife will be happy because it is clean and tidy and you will be happy because you can go buy more stuff and find what you need when you need it so your out of the house and on the water in less than half the time it normally takes.

Just my opinion but then again I am a woman

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Kmetius - you crack me up - are you kidding - I don't need a reason to go get more stuff but I love the thought - thanks.

Only thing is my wife would not dare touch my fishing stuff - she knows I love it nearly as much as her and then I would have to make a decision!:pinch:

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