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Moreton Bay weather for Saturday 25 June 2022 - Mint


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  • ellicat changed the title to Moreton Bay weather for Saturday 25 June 2022 - Mint
7 hours ago, Angry51 said:

Yeah Ed, go shopping Charters Towers.

Have you thought about getting off acreage and moving towards the coast and closer to a large town, plenty of places where you can get a 1/2 to 1 acre block, milder temperature and more infrastructure?

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Went out Yesterday. 10 knots southerly turned into 10 knots Westerly. 

We fished some coffee rocks around Moreton about 6 miles north of the bar. 

Plenty of livies but only one hit on them from one Mackerel. 

I caught 2 slateys and a few bonnies but didn't get any photos sorry. 

Nice day out and great to get offshore again. looks like I should have gone to Boat Rock... 

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14 hours ago, kmcrosby78 said:

Shame the whiting weren't more plentiful for you. Many boats chasing them?

There were about 10-15 boats drifting around rous and fishermans and about 10 anchored up in Rous itself.

The tell was the boats were not tending to congregate and constantly moving to find new drift lines in search of the whiting - so not so much luck all round

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10 hours ago, benno573 said:

nice @jon.  few good feeds, some decent sized squid and a bit of fun on the toooona as well.  what is the red fish that is not a moses perch in the first photo? black tip rock cod?

Gday Benno, tbh I was never really sure what to call these ones . Catch them all the time but they are always sub 20cm. This one was pushing 40 . Fisheries reckons they are  called chinaman rock cod. No size limit but 4.5 stars eating.

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On 28/06/2022 at 9:02 AM, benno573 said:
4 hours ago, Ed. said:

Don't think it is a Chinaman rock cod, had a quick look online and most of the images that come up show them as having vertical orangery / brownish wide bands on the body, that one looks a bit like one of the wrasse family to me.

They come in all different colours depending On What part of Australia 6DF002C9-E4C6-41DB-B5BA-F3DC3FA6032F.thumb.jpeg.8d1d0d67a4232c266bc377913d9a0cad.jpeg


but don’t think it’s part of the wrasse family they go by many other names to like what Benno said ie black tip 

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