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favourite eating fish


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Basa, Pacific Dory and Silver Cobbler.

Hahaha. Just Jokes (all marketing names for Catfish just in case you did not know)

I like the humble old Whiting and Flathead.

Or if we are talking reefies, yeah Snapper or Red Emperor is pretty hard to top. Although im pretty sure i have been sold just any old reef fish as either of these plenty of times. Thats why Whiting a Flatties are good. You know your getting what you pay for on appearance!


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Brian D wrote:

Lobster, then prawns and bugs, then mussels and oysters, then trevally and mullet.

Weird but yummy.

I believe the topic was Favorite Eating Fish. Most of yours are Crustations and shellfish.

Anyway, back to the question. My favorite eating fish are probably Venus Tuskfish, the Mackeral, then whiting. But really depends where you catch them

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my favourite is dart

to me they taste like tailor when fresh and unlike tailor can be caught most of the time plus a dart gram for gram will outbeat a tailors fight. good fish the dart my favorite

i find they like double yabbies on a long shank hook

long cast.they hit as soon as it hits the water

this is at moreton island at yellow patch

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fishtales wrote:

Mack_attack wrote:
only tried it once but mangrove jack is really good

Mangrove Jack is my fave too. Can't get enough of em.:)

im with you guys but there is one thing that beats jack,his cousin the golden snapper/fingermark.

if you ever get the chance to try it smoked diamond scale mullet is pretty close to heaven on a stick

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