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Decky spot Still available NPD wed24/6.


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What is required.

NO BANANAS on my boat.

2 rods one for trolling one for bait fishing.

Wide gap hooks best for bait fishing around 2 /O size.Use paternoster rig or float bait down without any weight.

I will supply live shrimp.

Bring something to eat and drink .

Sunburn cream

I usually return back to ramp around 2pm.

You do need to have a current SIP permit.

No booze . Its not allowed PRFMA rules.

An variety of lures for trolling. Purple blitzbaggas, and ridgebacks , and voodoos are the deep divers that have been working lately.

( Soursed at Tackleworld Sandgate if you cant get them elsewhere.)

Soft plastics ( damiki watermelon colour) worked weedless on a worm hook carolina rig worked the other day casting towards bank.

Bibless spro jr in old glory has been working for Faulked and Dino.

Damiki napjaru in black shadow was the gun lure for me yesterday both trolling and casting.

If its not too windy ( seabreeze doesnt look good at the moment but hopefully that will change)I troll down towards the bottom of the dam checking my redclaw pots on the way and then baitfish for a couple of hours and then troll back.

Gate is located at end of Adsetts Rd whiteside aprox 1 mile from Dayboro Rd.

From petrie follow dayboro rd and after lights at youngs crossing rd proceed 4 and a bit ks. Going up a hill you will see 100kph speed sign and adsetts rd is about 50m just before 100kph sign.

First in best dressed.

PM me.



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very detailed post there ray. :)

guess it would help us newbie bring the right stuff. :)

but not for me this week :(

work has been flat out .them have even been making me come it at 7 am since last thursday. :(

i do like my idea of start time better .which is somewhere between 9 am and 11 am . :)

oh well at least i will have some $ when the final year slow down kicks in.and maybe some time to fish too .:)

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Angus and Boydy are it. Its gunna be a great day. i got my new old glory spros today plus a new purple ridgeback on Monday arvo plus the damikis. I am nearly wetting myself in excitement.

Brian we will have 10 minutes silence for you. You obviously need it preferring work to fishing.Have you considered shock therapy? :laugh:



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Angus wrote:

Feral wrote:
wanna be quick, its in 10 hours!

Damn damn damn!!! I was a day ahead of myself I thought this was for next week but thats the 1st!!

Ill call Ray straight away!

Spots still open as I def cant do tomorrow!


Far out feeling bad about this!! So sorry again Ray. Brain not working. Save you looking for deckies next wednesday though :dry: Ill make it up to you for sure!!!!

If anyone is free tomorrow you would be mad not to take the offer!


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that just not funny gus .

cpl of weeks ago i was twiddling my thumbs but all the spots where taken.

so i had time but no $ and now i have $ but no time .

but as u know it either u have time or $ but never both at once.

ah swine flu ,they have closed one of the schools here for a week cause of it .

got kids home for a week then 2 weeks school holidays .so 3 weeks in total .good timeing to be busy and at work .:)

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