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lee the bass basher!

James W

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well he dont really "bash" them, but jeez! he can catch em!

we hit up some new water up the coast yesterday. and some of the holes lee was pulling bass out of was something you would normally walk past..i mean a hole no bigger than a bath tub! but lee would pull a fish out of it!

we covered a bit of ground in our quest for wild bass..a very hot day and some more hardcore trekkin was the order of the day...but as per ussuall it was worth it!

by the end of the day, lee had racked up 12 bass to my 3! :laugh:

spinnerbaits did all the damage with only a few strikes on the surface...

but my excuse in getting shown up by lee was.."its quality, not quantity" as i landed the biggest! :P

was a pleasure fishing with ya lee yet again..you are easily the greatest bass fisherman ever to flick a lure! i salute you :cheer:

all fish released of course, was great to see such fit and healthy bass come from such skinny water. they pulled sooo hard! was awesome! lee1.jpg

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