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Teamwork Pays Off Two-Fold


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Moreton Bay – Teamwork pays off

G’day Guys, just thought I’d share a quick report from the weekend.

My brother Greg and I had been itching to get out for a fish of late, but life just seemed to keep providing us with excuses not to. So with the weekend’s work not being ready due to the week’s rain, an impromptu bay run was hastily decided upon. The weather reports were not looking good, so we decided a quick sneak attack just out from the port would be the best option. We picked this general area so that if the wind picked up too much, we could just slip back to the shelter of the river mouth and fish there.

We launched at Colmslie at five a.m. and headed straight out through the mouth of the river, giving the tugs and tankers a wide berth. Reaching our destination, we hastily tied on some plastics and had a quick sound around. After a few enquiries and missed fish, we soon spotted a flock of birds dive-bombing some bait. Thinking they were tailor, we hurried over to investigate. I casted my plastic into the boil-up and was soon smoked by what we realised were tuna.

A quick leader upgrade, and we saddled up the electric motor to chase down one of the elusive schools. It took a little while but we soon worked out the best way to a hook-up. A slightly heavier jighead in the region of 3/8-1/2 ounce combined with a 7 inch plastic allowed for a longer cast, making it easier to sight cast the feeding tuna. Letting the plastic sink for about 5 seconds then ripping it back through quickly seemed to pay off.

I was first to hook up, with a sizeable long tail grabbing my plastic and taking off like a freight train. Greg quickly grabbed his go-pro video camera and began to film the take.

I couldn’t help thinking I was slightly under gunned, with my 3-5kg TD advantage and TD advantage 2500 combo spooled with 15lb sunline pe. The little reel began to scream as the fish tore through the water like a torpedo. I actually thought I was taking line back at one point, until I realised he was coming back towards the boat. The tuna worked this out about five seconds later and took off away from us again for another heart thumping run. It wasn’t long before he had me down to mono backing on the reel, and the decision was quickly made to fire up the engine and take some line back.

It was heart in mouth fishing, for about a good half an hour as we battled the fish. The whole time I was praying the 40lb leader would be enough.

Having a switched on deckie in my brother really helped, meaning that I could concentrate on fighting the fish. Eventually we had him boat side, and after circling the boat about 50 times, he finally gave up and Greg was able to haul him aboard with his makeshift sock gloves on. He ended up going just under a meter on the brag mat.



Looking back there were endless opportunities for Greg to hook up as well, with fish only meters from the boat. However, true to his form, he said it was safer to land one, rather than lose two. His selflessness would be rewarded when, minutes after landing my fish, he hooked up on the same combo I’d just put down and we began another major operation to land his Long Tail. This one seemed to fight with more ferocity and vigour and it took every ounce of our team work to follow him round and bring him in. I estimated the fight at about 40 minutes, with searing runs, resulting in burning forearms and aching wrists. Finally, we had him boat side, allowing me to lean over with the sock puppets, and man handle him into the boat.


There were smiles all round as we posed for the camera and tried in vain to fit the massive fish into our little esky, laughing the whole time at our envious predicament. We decided it was time to head home after this, having had a great days fishing. The tuna were still going off everywhere, and it was tempting to stay, however we decided we’d had our fun and we left the school to carry on terrorising the local bait fish population.




Thanks for reading - Scopesy

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Also managed to snag some video on my brother's gopro hd video camera. I'll get it up as soon as I can work out how to convert and edit it. There's even some helmet footage!!!!

We played around with the settings and there one where you can get a snapshot every 5 seconds.

Here's what we came up with








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Good work fella's Longtails are always good fun even though they can be fussy about what they eat at times they seemed to be happy to eat what you were throwing. Interesting that you used a 7" plastic as i've always favoured the smaller 4 or 5" plastics,I might have to throw something bigger next time.



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FFFFAAAAAARRRR out.... I need to get myself on to one of these. Well done man. What colour placcies were doing the damage?

Hey mate, had hits on both white Armour Shads and a bluey white gulp (I think the colour is pilchard)

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