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2018 Suburbs Of Origin

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SEQ Suburbs of Origin!

The great battle is back again in 2018 for its 3rd year running now i believe! Last year poor old Team North was well and trult flogged last year...maybe this is our year in 2018!

 Remember folks, no entry fees, no prizes...just the glory of the win!

To keep it plain and simple, if you live North of the Brisbane river, you are a north sider (Team North)

If you live South of the Brisbane river, you’re a south sider (Team South)

It’s not about where you were born, just about where you live now

To somewhat mimic the NRL State of origin, we hold this over three weekends, with each week being considered one “game” in a three game series. 9 target species; Bream, Bass, Whiting, Flathead, Snapper, Jew/Threadfin, Golden Perch (yellowbelly), Tailor and Pelagic (Tuna, Mackerel). For a team to win the round, they must hold at least the biggest 5 out of the 9 species. 9 categories each weekend, why these species? Because regardless of how (boat, kayak or land) or where you fish, you will be able to target these species. To win the weekend in any one species, an angler from either Team North or Team South must catch the longest of that species for the weekend. To win the weekend, one team (North or South) must take out the majority of species for the period. Once the next weekend (or game) rolls around, the slate is cleaned.

For example, if the Team South have the longest bream, flatty and longest bass for one weekend, but Team North have the longest snapper and tailor…then Team South win for that weekend. Hope that makes sense

To keep it fair, the night before the weekend of fishing, a unique symbol will be released that must be pictured with the catch along with your team name (North or South) submissions can just be made online in the topic that I will create for each weekend of fishing. Each time a new longest species is caught, I will update the original post to let everyone know what Team is in front. The unique symbol will be as easy as writing or drawing on a piece of paper (or a hand signal), which can be easily placed next to the fish. Fish where you want, just because you’re a Team North member doesn’t mean that you have to fish North of the Brisbane river and vice versa. All comp submissions must be loaded into the rounds topic (a new topic will be created for each round) by 8pm on the final day of the round!

And of course, to win the series and have your team crowned the SEQ Suburbs of Origin CHAMPIONS, you must win 2 of the three weekends. Then maybe afterwards we can all get together and have a big feed or something along those lines.

The more anglers involved the better! This comp isn’t designed to push us against each other, but to just get some friendly banter going amongst this awesome community that we have going here on AFO.

Who is keen? We can decide on what weekend suit most people best etc if there is enough interest in this. The beauty of having this spread out over three different weekends, is that if you are unable to fish one weekend, then you have two more weekends that you can fish on, so no complaining about not being able to enter! If anyone is keen, shoot me a message or reply in this topic as to what team you are fishing for and I will update the below list.



Round One : 8th - 17th of June

Round Two : TBC

Round Three : TBC


Team North                                                                                    Team South

@christophagus                                                                                  @ellicat

@Doyley                                                                                              @Old Scaley

@Fishaman                                                                                        @Drop Bear

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I think you could probably twist my arm .....  You've just provided me with the motivation to get the majority of my 800+ school reports done this weekend .........

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Put me down on the reigning champs team  Just realised that it starts this weekend, so I'll enjoy keeping an eye on entries whilst doing school work
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    • By Old Scaley
      With a fairly ordinary forecast for the rest of the week I thought I should sneak out for a quick fish today before the wind kicks in again. I haven’t fished the Port of Brisbane for a while so decided to give it a crack today on the bottom of the tide since that was conveniently happening around midday, so I could have a sleep in and a leisurely breakfast and miss the peak hour traffic.
       I needed to clean out the freezer of old fish frames so I took the pots for a swim as well, although I was not confident. Had some old pillies to get rid of as well so planned a mix of bait and plastics fishing. Dropped the pots about 10am and then did a bit of bait fishing hoping for a snapper or two. Moved around.a bit between regular spots for no joy so decided to target flathead on the last of the runout. First cast, and first lift of the rod and I was connected to something with a bit of weight. I was fishing light with 6lb braid and 6lb leader on my favourite plastics outfit (2-6lb Samaki Zing Rod with a 1000 Daiwa Presso Iprimi reel) and this fish was giving me a good tussle. I got her up close to the boat and could see it was a good flattie. She didn’t like seeing the boat or the landing net so I had a number of false starts with the landing net. At that point I was starting to wish I had a deckie to manage the net. Eventually I was able to slip the net under her and get her into the boat. A nice fish just on 70cm.

      An old fashioned Squidgy Wriggler in rum red did the damage. The drift was slow because there was not a lot of run in the water but I repeated the drift a couple of times, but didn’t get another hit. Went back to searching for snapper but could only find bream, mostly about 28cm, but I did hook this fatso.

      Please login or register to view this attachment The photo doesn’t do it justice. It was only 34cm but fat as a football. No doubt there will be heaps of fat bream around as we go into spawning time. 
      The wind was very kind today and the conditions were beautiful. No crabs, but that was no real surprise. Another great day on the water.
    • By Breaming with bro
      Sorry  for ripping off your title aus-bne-fisho lol
      anyway yesterday I rocked up to my local river which is about 2km from where I live at 3pm .I had 2 rods set up a bait rod and a lure rod
      bait rod daiwa aird x 2-4kg and shimano cazna 2500 with 10lb braid and 10lb leader 
      lure rod atomic arrowz bream surface rod 2pc and daiwa aird lt 2000 with 6lb braid and 6lb leader 
      Anyway i baited up my bait rod with some garfish I caught and froze not to long ago placed my rod on the wooden planks the tiny wharf was made out of with my bail arm open so my rod doesn’t go in the water  Then set up my lure rod with some 2.5 slim swims no hits for around 40 minutes then all of the sudden I see line coming off my bait rod a fish is taking the bait I quickly but carefully place down my lure rod and walk over to my bait rod the fish is still running  but slowly I set the hook keep in Mind most legal fish feel small on this rod anyway I set the hook and  get a few  really good headshakes and a little run which tells the fish is decent as I get the fish closer to the wharf all of the sudden the hook comes flying out of the water and the fish got away and the disappointment hits my like fraight train I then once again bait up the rod and throw a cast 40 metres off the wharf theres a drop off where sometimes flathead bass and school jew hang around I then pick up my lure rod and start flicking around my slim swim once again 15 minutes later no hits I see a few mullet jump out of the water and a bowel wave following them I quickly cast out and get right in front of the bowel wave perfect cast soon as the lure hit the water I see my line quickly shoot I set the hook and hook up to a decent size flathead which was 48cm I find that a bit strange because the water was fairly deep where the mullet were jumping out I fought a jewfish or a small bull shark was chasing them the flathead would have been right on top of the water because soon as the lure hit the water I got hits It didn’t even sink to the bottom or even close to the bottom anyway I brain spike it and bleed it out I get a few more hits on the bait rod as the sky darkens but only little fish they didn’t get hooked . Next time I do this I will bring my phone for photos also I wasn’t sure to put this in saltwater or freshwater as the river I was fishing is brackish mostly freshwater people catch freshwater fish like bass the odd carp and bull sharks but also saltwater fish like flathead bream and jewfish 
    • By Fishaman
      Managed to snag a solid 88cm flat one. 6lb braid 8lb leader. She put up a good fight and swam away without a problem. 

      Please login or register to view this attachment
    • By Another Wazza
      I had been keen to get out amongst it for a while and the weather and tides looked good today, I had second thoughts at 4am this morning though, it began raining pretty heavy while I was having a coffee, I checked the rain radar and it was pretty scattered, so I rolled the dice, hooked up the boat and took off, other then the grey sky, the weather wasn’t too bad at all.
      first runs on the board came in they way of a 55cm school mackerel, he succumb to the old floating pilly technique.
      Around the turn of the tide I found myself hooked up to a nice Jew, he fell for a Z Man curl tail, and put up a spirited fight on a 20lb baitcasting outfit, he managed to collect my floating pilly line during the fight, which made for some interesting net work, followed by some not so interesting untangling.

      The Jew went around 84cm, not a horse, but still great fun.
      A couple of weeks ago on a Friday, I ventured out in my mates boat, we left Vicky Pt around 7:30am and worked around some of the southern bay islands with limited success, about 11am we decided to work the Banana Banks with plastics, and it payed off, paddle tails and curl tails did all the damage.

      The smallest lizard in the pic was a 45cm bar tail, we probably got another 4 or five that weren’t legal size though, and about 6 or so monster sized grinners, by the end of it neither of us were calling what fish it was, as the grinners broke our hearts too many times.The bay was like glass from the time we launched, right  throughout the day, you don’t get much better then that.
      About a week before the lizard trip, I took my mate out around Amity, and could only scrounge up 1 schoolie off the old floating pilly trick, the grinners were thick as and quite brazen too, they were  smashing 7” plastics like they were going out of fashion.

      Please login or register to view this attachment The last 3 schoolies I’ve caught have all been 55cm, a bit of variety in size wouldn’t go astray, but I’m certainly not complaining.
    • By Old Scaley
      I have been laying low because of the current restrictions but had to get out for a fish this week with all the signs pointing to a good week for essential food gathering. Decided to just stick around Port of Brisbane since last time I went there I got a heap of just under snaps so thought they may have grown a little since then, or their bigger rellies may have moved in. Got to the ramp just before dawn (very early start for me fishing solo) to find it was already packed. Must be a lot of people not working at present I guess. After a short wait at the ramp I was in the water and had a line in just as the sun was peeking over the horizon.
      Beautiful morning on the water. As usual when I have an early start there were no bites until about 8am. I felt the soft tug tug and thought “I know what this is”. Sure enough after a fight that felt like pulling up a ballet slipper, up pops a biggish catfish. Not a great start but a fish to get the day going. Not long after I felt the old familiar long pull of a flathead. This fish had a bit more go in it and turned out to be a nice 60cm model. I dropped one this size beside the boat last trip and haven’t landed a decent flattie for ages so it was a welcome addition to the esky.
      Just before the high tide the bream started chewing and I landed about half a dozen in quick succession with biggest at 32cm. Once the tide turned the bite slowed right down to zero pretty quickly so home I went. Not a single snapper but hopefully they will pick up as the weather cools.
      I have an electric motor on order that should be ready for pick on Friday so I am hoping for some more exciting reports in the future. Also looking forward to the time that I can safely fish with mates again. I like a solo trip but also enjoy a bit of banter and company. Stay safe everyone.

      Please login or register to view this attachment
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