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Boats at comp

Brian D

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Hey Angus - I can't find where you posted the insurance issue for the comp in Dec.

Referring to the boat on water to help reduce premiums. I actually feel that maybe an extra fee for boats may be applicable. I would not want the land based guys to have to subsidise the boaties. After all we will kick em' in the comp. :P

Also how did you go with the VMR? As a last resort I can borrow a rescue boat from work but then I would have to be in charge and not get to fish the comp.

So if it came to that we could just use my boat but I would have to train a couple of responsible assistants.

I still offer my boat as a ferry across the river for those wanting to weigh in their fish. (as long as their fish aren't bigger then mine - cause if they are I might just lose em overboard on the crossing.)

If it got too difficult I can understand if it is called a land based comp - insurance sucks man.

Do you know that's why they stopped the Carp Busters, insurance bill too high.

Anyway let me know and I will adjust my thinking.

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