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1st 5 casts 3 Threadies


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Ray asked me a couple of times would I like to join him on a threadie hunt down the Brisbane river, both times I had to bomb out as I was sick but when he asked this time I said I would be there sick or not. Well I was sick,vertigo and nausea, but I still went and boy was I pleased. Ray took me to his secret spot and took the blindfold off when we got there,it was all sort of strange for me as the water tasted a bit salty, I said to Ray where do the bass hang out, he replied forget about the blo**y bass for ten minutes this is threadie country. Ray had got a few livies in the cast net so we rigged a rod up each and dropped the livie over the side.

I then put a tranzam on the one you can see in one of the pics and cast it out as far as I could on my barra set up,curado reel on a raider rod, then let it drop to the bottom, then lift lift I am on Ray, I could not beleive it, 1st time threadie fishing, 1st cast and 1st lift up off the bottom. Ray was in just as much shock as me,I yelled out gee they pull a bit harder than the bass.After a few runs and some fight a nice 105cm threadie come aboard and did I have a smile on my dial, my 1st threadie.

So after Ray made me a cuppa to settle me down it was time for cast number 2, this resulted in zilch, then cast number 3 a few quick flicks of the rod and all hell broke loose again, I said to Ray I am on again, he looked at me with a grin on his face and said you have got to be joking, or words to that effect :laugh: I said this one seems a little bigger its putting up a better fight then in amongst all the drama my coffee hit the deck :( fighting on regardless I managed to get it to the surface and with some perfect net work by Ray we boated 110cm beauty. I said I suppose this means I am swimming home.

Cast no 4 resulted in zilch again, then cast no 5 hop hop lift lift BANG hey Ray guess what, I could not understand what Ray said but I am sure he said good onya mate. After another good fight and some good net work we boated another 110cm threadie. Do you think I was a happy chappy or what. My first threadie session and 3 from 5 casts. Thankyou Ray for not giving up on me joining you for a session and thankyou for sharing your time on the water with me,I hope I get asked back.The livies never got touched.

Fish while you can


1st threadie

Fish while salmon_001.JPG

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Burger93,right on mate. ZanO15 tanks mate. Uglyfish make out its your first time and your luck may change. Hookedontackle still smiling. Ellicat I was lucky enough to get a second cuppa.Brisbaneboy they were hungry for a short period. Feral didnt have to swim but did get the feet wet as they were working on the ramp at pinkenbar.

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Two of them were golden and one was silver.Here is a photo of the so called 110 one on the mat just before reclaiming the frame for brads research project. :blush:

If you look at top of tail it looks closer to 112.

I got my usual donut but had a feel of one when I had to pass Dinos rod under the anchor rope. I think he was a bit worried I may have dropped it during the manouver.

It was a great day and just shows that arse beats class. :blush: I think that next time I will take the bow seat.

Dont know who was more shocked when he hooked up on first cast.

There was a few cryptic photos and messages going around on the mobile.

Must say I quite enjou upsetting people when they are at work.

We knocked off as i dont have a large esky and only had a wet towel over the fish to keep it cool.

Onya Dino.




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Brian Ray had his hands full netting,photo taking,coffee making and texting, although I did see him have one cast though.

Wesfish it was a nice suprise

TinyTin it was a fun session

Des thanks thats the word I was looking for

Tugger I never gave Ray a chance he was busy doing the jobs above

Smiderman all on the tranzam white with red head

Rocket I think Ray was as happy as me :woohoo:

ChrisStewart14 I was a bit lost for the first 10 mins but the smell of the salt air got me started.

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guess u where hot dino .

well done

i was live baiting for a donut too ,mite have to get some of these tranzam's and try them.

its ok ray

as a skipper i'm getting used to being out fished by my decky's too.

but the fish harder ,while i have a beer harder :)

and the skipper has all the work to do.

finding the spots ,keep the boat in place .

making sure the decky's get soaking wet after they out fish me . :)

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The one we kept was bleeding profusely and wanted to keep it for a feed anyhow. At least as captain I was able to claim one fillet but I had to bring it home and fillet it. Dino doesnt get his till tomorrow.

They only came out of 30 to 40 feet of water so no probs with barotrauma just pretty tired.



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Dunks mate they looked good but not good enough to breed with

Rumrunner he is always a good host

Bommie still smiling

Davo one tranzam is enough

Yo Yo clue in the pic

LGM one word dropoff

Henry might ave to spend a bit more time in the salt

FishingHardcore I would of thought the livies would of got interest

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