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Well the 8 days has come and gone on monduran


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Well the trip started last saturday week.Arose about 6.30saturday moring to pack the boat with no great hurry as we had all day to get monduran and wasn't feeling the best and no not from morepiss,morepiss. :P

Got underway about 8.00am from home from the west with a quick breeky at the golden archers got going about 9.30 out of morayfield.By the time we got set up and had a beer or to, the fishing was put on hold for the day.

With report's of fish being caught hand over fist we hit the water about 3.30for a quick trip with family in tow I decided to give the basin and bass strait for a troll with for diffrent lure's on we were going to breek the donut first day for sure, but after 90min's and the dark closing still the duck was in tacked back to camp for beer and soro.

With no morning fish as we had a quick trip to bundy for a new mattress for the youngest.So with full moon at the stage a night fish was in orderand time to christan the new electic motor all was looking good.Started with fishing the point on the entrance to bird bay with several fish boated by other fisho's and the duck not broken time to move,moved out to the basin around some to new ground thanks to the droping water level now 28%.With fish busting up all around me the duck looked in DANGER :woohoo:

With slick rigs and hollow bellies in tow time to get serious,so out and around the new ground I went and after about 150 casts Iv'e been hit by my fist barra and not the way I'd hoped I run the bloody thing over with the electric and NO not that funny despite what I now think :lol: so after cleaning the shit that ran down my legs time to get serious but alas strike two and not happy :ohmy:

Now with all the time in the world fishing I could pick and choose so early to rise and

out I went and strike 3

Now with my best mate on his way the optimsim began to rise in spades,so after Mark arrived and a couple of beers and out we went but with the wind picking up to about 15/20k's things weren't going to well so back to camp to get out of the cold and morepiss.With the temp down to about 5degress over night thanks to the wind and rain, things were going to get tuff so with much of the same for the next 2 days I was thinking the donut was going to bite me again :(

With poeple arriving for the comp I was keen to keep going with our other mate arriving after some photo's of fish and story's and some coaxing he turned up with beer in hand all the way from withcote.(photos were not our fish but a great lure for him)

With the comp under way we need an early start and out we went tried all point's of the compose for the next to days and the DONUT had the last laugh.SOB all in all a great trip without fish but the comp was a great success for the restocking group with the winning fish 22kg's plus and thousand's of dollars in prizes given away.

Sorry but not photos to go with all the remblings but it really is a great place and just some heads up for those heading up next monththe water level has droped big time now 28% but the fish are there take plenty of slick rigs and hollow bellies and good luck to all ;)

cheers dassa

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Yes mate no problem water still about 2metres but watch up through the basen the little island is almost part of the main land and it is safe to go through the left but there is a stump about 25/30 metres to the left as you head up the island but some good sole has put a marker on it

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