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Snapper madness with my PB snap Wahoooooo


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Snuck out early this morning with a good ride across the bay and nothing on the bar with us anchoring by 0630 wider than my usual spot. Yes i didn't fish the rock but found a good bit of current to run our floatlines down and wow it was on

The snapper were hitting our baits with gusto and giving us curry on the way up with 6 big fish boated without losing baits inbetween. Stopping to take photos of only the good fish (anything over 70cm) as we didn't boat a snapper under 60cm in the first hour.

I had a bait that didn't get touched for a while and had floated it back 200m when bang a good fish hits and peels line with a heavy drag setting on wow this fish is big. It took me an eternity to get it to the surface but by then i had the biggest smile even after all the pain (aaarghhh my shoulder).

A PB surfaced as i had never broken the 90cm on snapper before



While showing the boys my sinker size i was using my mates rod goes off and Nev is connected to a big snap on that silly braid stuff. During the fight i give him heaps about his choice of line trying to keep him calm to boat another brute and his PB snap edging over 80cm



The fish slowed around 9am with the chilly bin nearly full so we took time to have a bite to eat and watch the whales go by. I put out a live yakka on the snapper gear and floated him down to the bottom where he sat for 30 minutes till it took off. Good strong runs and a dogged fight to the surface only to be disappointed by this


Caught another 1 of these spangeled before it died right off so just before we pulled anchor i caught a nice little parrot and pan size snapper. We had a good run home and took some more phots before filleting the catch at home. 5 snapper over 60cm, 2 snapper over 70cm, 1 snapper over 80cm and 1 snapper over 90cm rounds out my best catch of big snapper to date


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That's a great haul. Was the big one much over 8kg? Hard to tell the condition, it looks skinny with you holding it but solid on the mat. Do you fry up the wings and take the cheek meat at all plugga? Congrats on the pb.

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Hey Mark, Nice fish n all, but my honest opinion is if you used braid and fished soft plastics like the rest of us,you would really start catching quality fish and plenty of them, im sorry i had to speak out.I hate seeing fellow members wasting time and fuel. ;);)

:woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: Hahahahaha. Guess who never wants a deckie spot again !!! :lol: ROFL

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