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Post your lure hookup shots


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Hey guys, just abit bored atm so thought i might make a thread for posting up close ups of fish with lures sticking out of there faces. Not sure if this has been done before, but if it has im sure everyone has some nice new pics to post. So get posting..


A Bream on a River2Sea Bubble pop 45.

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Last one, First brisbane river bream on a surface lure. We found some eating prawns off the surface, it was great fun. Teimco pencil.


Post up yours! As you can see the fish don't have to be big! Hopefully this thread might help some people out with what lures are working on what species.

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Good topic Pinky.

I have only just recently started to make a concious effort to do this. And even now I often forget. I think it adds a lot to a report etc for people to see what did the damage hanging out the fish's mouth though.

Another Noosa cod. This one enhaled a GULP bloodworm.

. [img size=464

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