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Pom in Paradise: PinTrip


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Late last Thursday Arvo I got to thinking about blowing out my trip to Warwick DragFest in favour of Travis's Birthday Bash at Crusoe Island. A few quick calls to NoName and it was sorted! Loaded with beer, cider and Aerogard I cruised down to Rudy Maas in the Val where Rob kindly picked me up in the Haines. What a craft! Quick cruise out and I've landed on my first Oz deserted island. Sweet!


Get me tent sorted in the half light, then the crew tell me it's set up in the poo field.....D'oh! No time to sort that, there's drinking to be done! Trav orders me into the tinny like some kind of decky ****, which I soon become over the weekend....Off to pull crab pots, another first for me, but after much heaving, no crabs are had (this time).


(Note the first sighting of Trav's "photofingers", they appear in a lot of photos!)

Back to camp and it's time for serious fun, what a gig!


Brad and Aerogard mix well!



Trav fire blowing.....


Allegedly the 2nd smallest nipples in the world, who's are they????


Trav helping Malcolm get to sleep after the sand crab in the swag incident.


Next morning me, Mooky and Tugger head out in Rob's boat for a bit of a fish over by the bar. Bit choppy what with the wind, I thought I maybe getting seasick, but then decided it was last night's beer and crab complaining. Did a bit of luring to no avail, and a bit of baiting, still nuffink. Tugger got the only fish,


This Bream which was kept.


Moved around a bit, but no fish were had. Then a quick hoon to pick up Tugger's lost hat......Then back to camp as it was rapidly approaching beer o'clock (9am ;) )

Mooky kindly supplied some dodgy old prawn and an impromptu sesh off the beach started up. The current was strong and dragged the lines across the horizon very quickly and as usual I lost loads of tackle on my 4lb braid/6lb leader Berkley Dropshot and Pflueger. Asked Rob where I should be putting my bait. "Out there where the water goes flat, that's the drop off." Cast it out and stuck me rod in the Haines rod holder, most expensive land based rod holder yet, eh? Rob alerts me to the fact that my rod is buzzing. After a very easy going retrieve due to my light tackle I had my PB (and first legal) Flattie!



This was duly despatched and expertly filleted by Mooks. I hope someone got to eat it, as we were all to crabbed out to bother cooking fish!

Rob fed a pelican;


Then it was time to be initiated........

Rob and Trav coerced me into the tinny as it was crab pot checking time. First pots were no problem as they were out in the bay and a good few blue swimmers were had, Rob pulling the pots and me acting as Trav's cup holding decky ****. Now over to the creek for some muddies......It was getting to low tide and no way was the tinny getting up there, so a plan was hatched. Beach the tinny on the mud and walk to the pots. Featherweight Trav skipped across the mud, while me and Rob sunk up to our knees, the subsequent squelching reminding Trav of some of his old chicks :X ! Trav was off into the creek to get a float that was hooked up in the Mangroves over the other side, phew, I thought, I won't have to go in the scary looking murky water. Next pot could be pulled from our bank. Then it was decided that I would have to swim over to the other side and collect another float. "Sacrifice the Pom" sprang to mind as I slid into the muddy murky world of Mud Crabs that could have yer toe off, snakes that'll kill yer and turtles that'll nip yer! Across I go and bring the float back, no problem, I've passed the test. "You'll never get up this mud bank, Kev, you might as well swim up the creek to the last pot." suggests Rob. so off I swim, now quite enjoying this strange environment with the warm water and slimy mud, against the current up to the last pot. Pull it up and there's a Whopper Buck Muddy in there. Sweet as! Put the pot on the bank and Trav squelches up and gets it out, while I start my swim back. I decide it's got to be quicker to swim out into the bay than get stuck in all the mud again so I'm swimming along, in Oz, in a creek, full of scary stuff, looking forward to a feed of Muddy and Beer, grinning like a buffoon and thinking "This is the life I wanted when I made the decision to come over to this fantastic country B)B)B) ". Then off to my starboard side something big, dark and long arcs out of the water! Man! I reckon I would have beat Thorpy, the speed I was across and out of the creek, once again stuck knee deep in mud!! So with plenty of crab on board it was back to camp where Rob shows me the shower bag he had got ready for me......So it was a plan right from the start!!! You guys.... :kiss:

Here's the big fella;


Rob took me out to cross the bar as the tide was now incoming, my nuts are still sore from the wave jumping, what an experience. B)

A fine night of eating crab and drinking beer ensued, everyone having a good time.

Dinkum Dad's boat.....Nice B)


Bri the Pom and Tugger all rugged up!


A wolf spider put in an appearance;


A giant crab claw, but there must be a bigger crab out there judging by the damage, eh?


"Hello my name is Malcolm and I drink water" A rare picture!


Sexy Dave 0'Dinkum!


Next day was an early start and packing up time, we brought back more rubbish than we made, why don't people clear up after themselves? These islands are a natural wonder and the right to use them for free must surely be in question if we don't look after them.........


Here's most of the crew ready for the off;


A fine cruise back in the Haines.

Here's Brad;


Here's Malcolm;


Here's Robs set up, and even the Ford has a Bimini now!!!! Flash Git! :P


Great to meet all of ya, it was a blast!

Definitely my best non family weekender in Oz, can't wait to do it again, thanks for all the fun and laughs, my face aches today from the constant grinning and laughing!

Be lucky and all the best,

A Pom in Paradise. :aussie:

PS Where's the Southern Cross????? :whistle:

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oh the cracker i found . :blink: lucky the old man had a few and was mellow . :woohoo:

i keep forgot about that.

chocolate coated air biscuits.

i forgot about that too ,classic. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

top report kev .

glad u had a good time .i reckon every 1 had a top time.

i also forgot about me showing how my moobies had shrunk ,there only a A cup now .

see the old boy in his boat fishing hard ,having his poppy arvo nap.

he had a blast too .

not the cracker blast .lol

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nope the keys gorn .

had a look back around camp etc .

nothing in the boat after unpacking and cleaning .

reckon they much have fallen off the dash of the boat and bounced into the water.

the old man is a bloke of habit and his wallet was there so keys most likely would have been there.so most likely thing it they fell off /out.

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thousandyards wrote:

sorry to rain on your parade a little - great report and all....... but i really hope that live muddy in the pic isn't the muddy you ate.......it's a female and last i heard it was illegal to take them.......sorry lads. looks like you all had fun tho
is your girl friend actually a girl ???

you might want to double check that too. LMAO. :laugh:

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apart from the female tab being much, much wider than a buck's tab, the females also have a very distinct set of parallel flutes there that are easy to see as well, and a hump on the rear of the shell. and if you want to get into coloring, happy to go there too. hahahaha. it is 100 % buck no doubt. the females have better legs to than ther buck's. and boobs. :P

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noname wrote:

thousandyards wrote:
sorry to rain on your parade a little - great report and all....... but i really hope that live muddy in the pic isn't the muddy you ate.......it's a female and last i heard it was illegal to take them.......sorry lads. looks like you all had fun tho
is your girl friend actually a girl ???

you might want to double check that too. LMAO. :laugh:

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

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Didn't think it was Trav, but I think thousandyards was looking at the whole underneath and thinking that was the flap initially ;) That's why I put up the blue circle bit.

I was pretty sure there was enough experience on the island to figure it out (even with the good cheer flowing) :P :laugh:

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