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whats your summer hit list!


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Threadie on lure (those jackals are to hefty for my rod and have no luck yet)

Nice Bream around structure (havn't landed any over 30cm up here yet)

Yes and poppers would be good to try out too, either fresh or salt, they sound like fun)

Would also like to go further north but not sure if I will get there this summer (you know like hit some water that isnt fished so heavily).


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Mangrove Jack (big one) (Done)

Moreton Bay Tuna

GC Queenie

Wahoo from out wide

Hinze Toga (3 years running)

Logan Banana Prawns by the bucket

NC Barra (Done)

That'll take me through until winter

I better get my finger out too Booty. Too much sailing crap getting in the way

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TerryH wrote:

I Thought Longtails were just after summer and just before

Mate their out there now We had a huge one under the boat (showing it every now and then on the sounder :woohoo: )coming outta no where and in clear view too smash undersized squire we were throwing back tried all sorts of floating baits but no takers a couple of good looks :woohoo: :woohoo:

that Was on Curtain reef a couple of weeks ago with Rummy


Ps hit list 2 words BIG PALEGICS :woohoo: :fishing: :woohoo: and a noah or 2

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