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Monduran madness - tales from cabin 2


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Foreword: This story is about 5 day ventures of 4 members, booty,Ellicat(ellicoight), Shortie & myself. the following chapters are the tales from cabin 2.

chapter 1,

i have woken at 4am to get dressed jump in the car and head to ellicoights house feeling excited and slightly uncomftable for some unknown reason, anyways quick trip down the highway and i arrive, get out of the car and im greeted with the a strong smell of old bait, i ignore smell load the car with ellicoight and away we set to meet up with booty and shortie at the nudgee servo, quick (pitstop) and i have realised why i have that slight uncomftable feeling, apparantly putting undies on in the dark @ 4am shouldnt be attempted as it results in insideout and backwards and just not a good feeling overall that has to remain for the rest of the day, meeting shortie has ha a similar problem with his shirt, also inside out. ellicoight has a laugh @ us both, wrong move as the curse is then layed to last the rest of the day.

we are making our way to monduran when about 10k out of childers we notice the outboard is sitting a little sidewards ,also a car then comes up beside us to tell us our trailer has lost something off it we quickly pull over and discover the lower half of the leg suppport has decided it didnt want to come with us and bailed, no big drama will pick up a new one along the way, and off we set again, to arrive in monduran. We pulled into GIn Gin and stocked up rum and beer went into foxies and bought a couple of new shiny lures and some boat oil and so forth then lastly the servo, ellicoight had been minding a esky for shortie since the 2008 BRC it was used for bait such as squid , pillies etc. well the bait was taken out the day before yes it has lived in the esky for over 12months not frigerated or opened ( i think back and realise that was the smell @ ellicoights) though he had scrubbed it clean and used chlorine to get rid of the smell. the esky spent the whole trip in the sun to gin gin and shortie and booty discover the smell from the esky definately still exists, ellicoight disagreed and said give us a whiff, well we all stood back getting ready for a good laugh, ellicoight opens the esky sticks his head inside and takes the biggest sniff he could, his face shrivelled up and the esky lid was quickly shut before we could even start laughing and ellicoight agreed it did stink, then from the other side of the servo 2 pumps behind us a lady pipes up with " oh thats bad, it realy stinks!" we have a good chuckle about the power of this stench and head 10ks up the road to monduran and book in , we start unloading the supplies from the car and the first joke is played for the trip, the rotten esky has found its way to shorties car in the sun OPEN! booty sticks his head in the back of the car to get something and is instantly hit a foul dry reaching beckoning smell, he picks the esky up like a dead mouse by the tail using all his might to keep his breakfast down while the rest of us have a good laugh at his expense .

We had noticed along the travels that there was a bit of an oil leak from ellicats boat and picked up some gearbox oil and proceeded to take a look of the seriousness of the matter, we find prop seal isnt doing so flash and the oil and water had been mixing together. a quick oil change , rigging up of rods and away we go to the water for a quick troll around to check out the lake , shortie and booty manage a fair size catty in the timber section and ellicat decides casting brakes on bc reels are for amatures and turns them all off and fires out a lure creating the biggest birdnest i have ever seen, we drift along while ellicoight is determined not to let a piece of string beat him , 3 1/2 hours later its night time were leaning against a bank and the birdsnest is still larger than ever. we dicide it might be best heading in and having alook from the well lit cabin, we slowly motor in and pull up on the bank and ellicoight gets the car down to put the boat back on the trailer, hes winching away and booty says , "not real good not having the ratchet on mate" and shortie adds "yeah but if it ever gets away on you dont try and catch the winch handle you will break your wrist" , and then booty adds again "yeah i reckon its better to have the ratchet going" then ellicoight looses grip of the handle the boat is heading back into the water and just as we all shout "DONT!" ellicoight puts his hand the winch handles way while it is spining at 100k and hour and we here a thud and a moan. theres a few are you okay?s' thrown around and then its back to laughing .

so overall only one fish boated by cabin 2 and alot of laughs had with ellicoight looking for a better day tomorrow.

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Well here is the day 2 roundup from Cabin 2

The day started off early with bacon and eggs all round, and being the bestest kitchen **** in the world I asked everyone about their liking of eggs. Below is the conversation that followed.

Booty – ‘Who likes hard or soft eggs

Shortie – ‘Soft’

Ellicat – ‘Soft’

Kriso – ‘Hard’

Booty – ‘So you are the only hard one Kriso’

Kriso – ‘Why do you think I have not got out of bed yet, I only got footy shorts on’

Needless to say it was all downhill from there as not only had the talk filled the gutters, but so was the rain, so we retired out on to the balcony overlooking the dam for a poker lesson given out by me!

It wasn’t long after that the famous saying ‘If I did that, you would write a report about it’ was born as Ellicat seemed to be going from strength to strength with what we shall call ‘noteworthy events’

By about the third poker hand, the sun was over the yard arm and out came the beers and rums much to the cabin occupants detriment, well that and the sh!tter. We kipped down for a snooze before there was a wrap at the door and here is Rayke sporting a little 92cm monster that was the heaviest thing I have ever lifted. A quick chin wag about when, where and with what and it renewed our vigor and out we went in the boats.

I skippered the HMS Allty, ably assisted by First Mate Kriso, while Shortie and Ellicat climbed aboard the Force and off we went.

Cruised around for several hours before and after the sun went down before trouble struck the Force with first no neutral, and then no reverse to boot. ‘That’s ok, it still goes forward’ was the exclamation of skipper Elli!

Both Kriso and myself had hook ups during the evening with losses of lure (and fish) each time due to being bricked and then wrapped around sunken timber structures.

Called it quits on the dam earlier than the previous night as we already had dinner prepped and in the fridge ready to go, when Elli ‘I know boats’ Cat decided to demonstrate his new found knowledge about winching boats on without using the ratchet ‘cause the noise sh!ts me’. With the boat 7/8th of the way on the trailer, things began to go backwards again with his hand slipping off the winch handle and the boat lurching back down the trailer. But there was nothing to fear as Ellicat deployed his new found safety system on the trailer handle, that being his forearm this time stopping the boat in its tracks, well rollers anyway! Luckily the handle had not yet accelerated to its full 3600rpm like the previous night so there was no damage sustained to either boat or body.

With dinner done and dusted, we again settled down to another poker challenge before calling it quits for the night and bedding down for an early start in the morning, well for some anyway!!

Stay tuned for day 3 action.

Written and produced by – Booty


Well day 3 saw the men get out of bed (Booty and Shortie) and the ladies sleep in.

The bacon and eggs were cooked at the call given Breakfast is ready saw only booty surface.

It was decided that it would be a yakking morning, so booty and I launched the yaks and left the ladies to sleep in. Its was a beautiful overcast day (Who needs sunscreen and a hat its overcast).

Booty hooks up to something huge that starts peeling line off his offshore rig. That’s when the panic begins. What does he do, big fish, small kayak, other rod in the water, when he gets it boatside how does he land it.

First thing get the other line in so he doesn’t tangle up. Easy job to do until the lure on the other rod hooks the back of his shirt out of reach. So rod with large barra pulling in one hand and in other hand rod with lure firmly attached to the back of his shirt.

Shortie saves the day by peddling over and dehooking the lure caught in Booties shirt and grabbing the landing net ready for the big capture. Booty finds in that the Barra has then wrapped him around a big underwater snag. DAM! The drag is tightened at the tussle with the snag begins.

Lozzel and Glenda arrive in the boat to offer some timely device. Lozzel yells†Tighten the drag and pull with everything you got.â€

Booty now knows how hard it is to break of 50lb Braid when you sitting in a kayak that moves. Drag tightened to lock up and peddling full steam ahead wouldn’t see the braid break. Need less to say in the end the snag won, up came the lure with no fish attached.

We peddled for a bit more then decided that if the ladies were awake they would need a boat to fish from and the only working boat left was my tinny. Back to the cabin at about 10:30 only to find Ellicat and Kriso still snoring away happily.

Finally got them to wake up had some lunch and contemplated our afternoon/night fish. Ellicat decided he should have a quick look at his boat to evaluate the damage done the day before. In bending down to look he forgot the bolts that hold his outboard to the hull protrude. Yes you guessed it bang straight on his forehead. I reckon the whole park heard

Kriso’s fits of laughter.

Pretty uneventful afternoon on the water.

Got back to the cabin found the first aid kit and went searching for the burn cream. Yep as i said you don’t need a hat or sunscreen on an overcast day.

Dinner was booties perfectly cooked Tender seared Grain Fed Eye Fillet served with creamy mashed potato accompanied with a ice cold bottle of Beer.


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Friday - last day :(

The euphoria of Day 1 had gone and as no-one from Cabin 2 had boated a fish the mood (well mine anyway) had turned to finishing the assignment at the last minute. ;) Shortie and I had been for an unsuccessful arvo/evening fish on Thursday (despite many promising sounder readings) and had met up with Brian D at the ramp upon our return. The offer to fish with the pro's Friday morning was made and accepted. :woohoo:

The 3 old blokes hit their sacks early while I made late night preparations for the trip next morning. This entailed putting an extra spoon of coffee and 2 extra sugars in the travel mug so I could just add water in the morning and not be late for my date with destiny. The morning came, shortie pulled out with a crook back, the rest of us trundled over to the pro's residence. Booty scored a spot with Brian "Barra Dance" D with Kriso and I in for a schooling with the fishing encyclopaedia - Ray. :fishing:

Brian and Booty hooned off first while I took great interest in Ray's quiet electric winch at the launch :dry: . We headed out under power of Ray's equally quiet 4 stroke, threw our lures out for the first troll. Soon Kriso's rod bent as he landed the first snag of the morning. :S In the meantime Brian had hooked onto a barra that was keen to show off it's aerial talents before handing the rod to Booty to boat the first fish in our group. :woohoo: :woohoo: Word has it that BD is more keen than Our Booty to risk a skinless digit thumbing the drag. Word also has it that it's best to have multiple people take pictures of your first Barra just in case your phone doesn't float for long.....that word is from Booty unfortunately :unsure: . There may well be a score or more of women receiving unsolicited calls from the big boys at the bottom of the main basin, whilst the second cabin Casinova will have to resurrect his contact list from scratch. :P

Skipper Ray was determined to get us on a fish and worked the waters with the same proven methods that saw us receive quite a few texts over the week saying Ray XXXcm; Ray YYcm; Ray AAcm ! Whilst these are great to receive to see all the pro's getting onto fish, they were that frequent that eventually at the same time not that good on the cabin 2 contenders' egos. Also, they are more than an unwelcome tease when you're back in Brissy. :evil: (Just jokes - I love getting them really)

A couple of snags later and we stopped to watch another angler boat a good sized barra on the ground we had just covered. It gave him some good stick especially as it neared the boat, with the old fella having to do plenty of dancing from side to side and end to end of his tinny. We gave him a clap and a cheer and continued on until kriso had another bend in his rod that he called for another snag :blush: :evil: ....until it started to thump a bit. Played like a champ, the fish was boated about 5 or so minutes later with Kriso being just fit enough for the workout with a sit down later, saying it was good to have someone else net the fish as he doubted his jellied arms would have coped :ta: :laugh: . Kriso's first Barra was aboard and the video will prove his excitement level ! Well done Kriso, well deserved after the previous losses. :woohoo:

I'm not sure if it was kind-heartedness or lack of fitness, but the next hookup on his rod was declared mine. It wasn't too long later his rod went off again. "Yep, I'm onto another barra. Here's the rod" says Kriso as he hands me his rod. A couple of thumps into the fight and I was calling doubts on it being a barra. A moment later I was calling it for the beloved, much soughtafter Monduracat. Not to be disappointed up he came and down I went :( :laugh: with much appreciation humped on Kriso. :P

A few more good laughs with Ray and then back to the ramp to the beautiful noise of an electric winch winding in Ray's boat, complete with a chunk of Kriso's foot that he left on the anchor on the dismount. :laugh: Finally something to laugh about ! :P

Back to the Pro's house for some happy snaps and then home to Cabin 2 to find shortie's back was on the mend enough to have most of the packing-up done. Accidental medicine seemed to have won the day for him when he couldn't tell the difference between a Coke can and a Middy can when mixing his bourbon. :laugh:

Off we went to return via Yoodles folks' butcher shop at Tiaro. I'm sold on that being a traditional stopover on out next trip. Love those Beer Sticks!

Great week away ! Thanks for the company and laughs fellas. Not just Cabin 2, but the Pro House inhabitants too. I'll be back for more of that for sure !

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That has to be the best fishing expedition story I have heard for quite some time!! :woohoo: :woohoo:

The antics, and silly little things that happen with a winch handle :laugh: :laugh: ( of which I can attest to having done myself, with 4 stitches to boot!! OUCH!!!) :S :S , sounds like you guys had a great time even though not many Barra were landed, :( but us poor folk who couldn't get there had a great belly laugh at your expense so it wasn't a wasted trip after all!! :woohoo: :woohoo:

Hope to get up to Monduran one day to see the place maybe catch a Barra and have a good old laugh !! :):)

Cheers guys and well done!! :silly: :silly: :woohoo: :woohoo:

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also i have to say anyone looking to hit these waters up for a few days, look up www.lakem.com.au they have everything from unpowered camp sites to full holiday houses with all facilities.

also ray has a video on his camera which he reckons feral can make a you tube movie of it so when i get it i will post it up with the pics he has of the fish. bewarned though as i was excited my language was the same in the video. lol

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The stiff bourbon that i wanted 1 night. Was bourbon and then went to the esky looking for a can of coke. Pulled out a red can poured in into my bourbon. Hang on this isnt black. I had just pour in a can of carlton Mid strength in my bourbon. Dramk it anyways it was surprosingly good.

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thanks feral, also bigg thanks to Ray for taking a barra noob out and putting me onto a fish! oh for those that want to know the lure it took is the one in the photo a few posts up. gear used was, shimano barra raider, shimano corvalus reel and 30lb braid with 40lb leader.

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nadders wrote:

lol i never put the ratchet on either while winching, probably a bad habit ey :ohmy:

The trick is to move into your usual winching position, don't get distracted by your mates chatter, and never do it when you have gear oil on your hands. Hold onto the ratchet pin while you're winching so you can drop it back on if needed. The most important one though is not to have your larger mates in the boat whilst winching, although this can be rather amusing when things go awry and they are travelling backwards with a shocked look on their face :woohoo: :laugh: .

My wrist only hurts when I touch it :blush:

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ellicat wrote:

nadders wrote:
lol i never put the ratchet on either while winching, probably a bad habit ey :ohmy:

The trick is to move into your usual winching position, don't get distracted by your mates chatter, and never do it when you have gear oil on your hands. Hold onto the ratchet pin while you're winching so you can drop it back on if needed. The most important one though is not to have your larger mates in the boat whilst winching, although this can be rather amusing when things go awry and they are travelling backwards with a shocked look on their face :woohoo: :laugh: .

My wrist only hurts when I touch it :blush:

hey we all saw what i copped for doing that :blush: lol

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Well.... back and all cleaned up and have a new phone!

The 1 picture I managed to send off before my phone swam was sent back to me, but having issues getting it from the phone to the computer to post it.

Brian Chiily D - Awesome morning out on the water with you and never a dull moment. Not sure what chatterd more though, you or the motor. Hope you sorted the issue out and I am pretty sure its an unbalanced prop. Would head out fishing with you again at a moments notice, and will sort out a east v's west sailing challenge in the new year. Big cheers for your hospitality.

Kriso - I have bumped the quick fillet thread on filleting fish that I spoke about. Can you send me the pics you posted to my email in large format please?

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