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The Patience Game


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20 minutes ago, Allnighter said:

Hmmmmmmmm nice Brian and Kat !

And i hope we have written down in your NEW FISHING LOG BOOK at which time, the date, the tide, the moon phase and the location of where you caught { or beat up as Wazza said lol} the 53 and the lost trophy fish havn't we? 😉

i am enjoying your persistence grasshopper 🙂


Started today, now with its first entry.

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Just now, ellicat said:

Yeah @Junky, I had a suspicion that he may have just had a hold of the bait but not the hook at first but probably I wasn't as lucky as you were. haha

I definitely kept the tension on.

They do that as well. 

Looking forward to opening this site soon and seeing you holding one of the biggest Bay snappers around. 

Soon my friend. 

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1 hour ago, Old Scaley said:

You have to happy with a day like that, @ellicat and @Kat.  The photo is probably a collector’s item - very rare to see a photo of Brian with no durrie hanging out the mouth. 😀

If you look closely at all his photos you’ll notice his cigs aren’t lit. Brian actually gave up years ago but he knew the new badge’s system was coming, and wanted to stay the butt (pun intended) of all your jokes to climb up the badges ranking quicker. It’s obviously working because he passed my green fig leaf stage ages ago.

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