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I know we all consider ourself virminators, but i think its time to crown the official brisbane river classic verminator. I think we should have a comp in bulimba creek to catch vermin. I think if a few of us got together we could put a decent stunt in the population. Theres plenty of talapia, carp and goldfish there. How many people would be interested. in this comp. Bulimba creek is situated behind carindale shopping center. theres bbq facilities there so we can have a bbq and fish.


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I think also that Noxious Fish comp would be a better discription.

A lot of us call Catfish, Eels and rays etc vermin out of hand. But they are naturally occuring and should not be killed for the sake of it.

Tilapia, Goldfish and Carp etc however being noxious should be destroyed.

If we have this comp i would reccoment issuing a Garbage bag to every competitor and weighing them at the end. This the winner would not be the one with the most fish. But the heaviest bag of Noxious fish.



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I like the idea. When will it be? End of September/October holidays?

Dave: We had a Turtle bite through the hook at Kalinga Park. So he swam away and left us with the shank of the hook :P . They have powerful beaks so I hate going near them with my fingers!

Also I think we should make the comp. a 'kill all Noxious fish and release all Native fish' comp. What good is a Noxious fish slaughter when your killing the Mullet etc. you catch as bycatch?

Are we making an entry fee with prizes and stuff? I think it should be just a general fishing day. No prizes no entry fee. But we will have results and a weigh in?


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TerryH wrote:

Mate, if the tilapia were that easy to wipe out, I'm sure we wouldn't have such problems ;)

I believe this should be (if it went ahead) called the Brisbane Fishing Noxious Fish Competition. That is, since our change to Brisbane Fishing.

Can we find a catchy name - remember the 'Carp Busters' - maybe 'Brissy Carp Busters'.

Hey Terry - my local Tilapia population has certainly decreased since I've been taking em out.

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