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10 000 Posts for Gus...


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noname wrote:

do you feel old now??? :laugh:

and what others have said ;)

Old and nerdy :P

In my defence I have been here since day one and at least 1000 of those are probably something along the lines of "Member x please dont be an idiot" :P

Cheers guys.

Hope im here for another 10K.


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nadders wrote:

well done angus i was barely into fishing when i stumbled across this site bored at work one day last year, and now i'm perpetually broke and smell like fish all the time

thanks a lot ya mongrel! :laugh: :kiss:

HAHA... nice one nad...

congrats gus... makes me wonder how much time you spent on the forums :blink:

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well done mate i enjoy this site as everybody else not only have i learnt alot from afo but have come across some top blokes you put a lot of time and energy to help us but most of all you have brought a lot of people together with out this site may bee would not happen so thanks a bunch and see you on the water someday,top effort.brad

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