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my 1st cod!

James W

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got the call from lee tuesday. we were gunna hit up the stanley river in search of new ground and hopefully a cod.

upon arrival and looking at the jungle ahead of us we knew we were in for a full on bush bashing mission! didnt take too long till lee was on to a bass, then another, and another! lee was smashing the bass off the surface! thnk he was using a mazi pop?

i managed a few on spinnerbaits only because lee offered me a stinger hook due to lack of hook ups :blush:

so we kept on catching bass left right and centre as we headed down stream, with lee catching 10 bass to my 1 in every pool we fished. the further we went the harder the jungle was on us! we had to swim several times to get to fishable banks :P

so the day went on like this for hours with lee slaying the bass and myself just lucky to land 1 out of 10 or so fish, then it happend....

cast my tt purple and black spinner bait into a tiny pool that was only 2 feet deep at best...bang! a massive splash as this fish came to the surface instantly, some good head shakes and my 2lb was finally getting a work out! i couldnt belive my eyes! the fish i have been waiting,looking and dreaming about for 10 long dry years! :its a cod lee! its a cod! i got one!" i was straight in the water to land this little beauty! and i had it! my first cod! i couldnt belive it! YAHOO!!! not a big fish by any means but it was my quarry! a few quick pics and maybe a few kisses for the fish and she was on her way :)

so i could have gone home right then and there. i was happy..i had finally caught a mary river cod!

so the jungle trek went on, bass were caught in almost every hole we fished..lee was on fire all day! he was awesome to watch as he would point out a corner or a snag and say " there is a bass in there"..and yep! there would be!

got to a larger hole that lee had already pulled some nice bass off. and i flicked out a popper as lee was getting all his fish on the surface. my first cast with lee's bubble pop hit the water and i flipped the bail arm over and i was on! no massive strike, just a slurp...was fighting prety good and drag was being taken and i thought i had a nice solid bass on..a bit of dodging snags and it came into the shallows..it was a cod! hahahah! "lee i got another cod!" 2 cod! unreal!

got the fish bankside and lip gripped it..i had landed 2 cod! :laugh:

a few pics taken and we watched this bigger cod slipp away to the dark water again :)

we had no brag matt but we guessed the first cod at 40cmish and the 2nd at 50cmish so i had already had a pb! hahahah!

10 minutes had passed fishing this same hole and i changed to a spinner bait, a red and black one...i could see the blades on the retrive getting knock about by what i thought was a small bass, but as it got closer i saw this cod just inhale it! i was on to my 3rd cod! hahahahha! i was sure i was dreaming! a awesome fight went on and i was shaking at the legs in disbelief! manged to land it too! i had 3! AWESOME!

so it was getting late by now and lee was easy up to 50 bass, i may have got 20 but i had 3 cod! and i was one happy man!

many thanx to lee for suggesting we go on a hardcore jungle bash. it was wayyyy worth it!

i owe ya a bubblepop lee as the cod had cracked it! hahah

so il throw up some pics :)

my first mary river cod COD1.jpg

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what a session!

forget the cod for a second...how about all those bass ;)

that would normally make you a happy angler, but add those cod...WOW.

So happy for you Jim, been a long time coming, and you worked hard for it too by the sound of it.

Well done to Lee also for putting you in the right spot and leaving the cod for you :)


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fishing_hardcore wrote:

Dude why are you targeting Australias most endangered freshwater species?

I am sure even holding it up for a photo is illegal.


Mr Greenie - They are legal to catch in the Stanley, they are stocked, your allowed to take one home to munch (over 50cm) should you so desire.


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Well done mate.I'm sure that we will chat about that now metre long cod that you fought for hours to get today ;) after many drinkies at the XMAS Party next week.

Fishing Hardcore-take a chill pill mate.He was hopeful of catching the fish and when he caught it,he handled it correctly and released it for another day.(even though he could've done differently)No issues there.


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Thread temporarily locked while I remove the rudely instigated and off-topic rubbish.

OK, Thread is now cleaned up and rubbish removed.

Anyone wanting to discuss an off-topic issue please start your own thread rather than embarrassing yourself and destroying a member's contribution or their will to continue to contribute.

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bravoboy wrote:

That was a great read and photos even better! I have caught one cod before so know the feeling, unfortunately on bait, I would love to get one on a lure. Is the stanley accessible by car/4wd? Or is it mainly park and go for a trek?

trekkin is the go mate :)

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I don't read many reports thees days but I read this one. Congratulations seems a bit of an easy word to use but until I find another it's yours Jimmy.

I suppose a far bit of credit goes to Lee too, who no doubt leed the way down the bush track to find new ground (i suggest unfished water) for you to hook some local fresh water cod.

Mate I gotta say I agree with Brian E - muscle up your line. By the sound of teh stike that 1st cod would have taken 10lb easy.

Maybe it sentimental but the 1st cod looks the most beautiful fish I have seen for ages.

Well done James, may there be many more.

PS let me know when you guys have worn a new track in.

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