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stanley trifecta

James W

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well i got the best birthday present yesterday! another cod! and a upgrade too!

the day started off with myself , kiwi and fergie hitting a new section of the stanley river in search of some yellas.

kiwi was quickly on to some bass and fergie soon followed with his first lure caught bass out side a dam.

the ussuall bush bash went on with bass being caught in almost every pool and coming from almost every snag. then finally i hear the kiwi holler "yella!"

kiwi was in battle with a angry yella which tried to wrap him around a few snags and was splashing all over the place! this is what we came for! got it to the bank, took a pick with lure in its mouth and then it flicked off and swam back to its snag..sorry we didnt get a pic of ya holding it kiwi :blush:

so the bush bash was on again, and after seeing the beautiful yella that kiwi got (which was his new PB) we were very excited.

dozens of bass follwed in our quest but none really going over the 35cm mark.

As time was getting on we decided to hit another section of river we have fished before.It didnt take long, i had a nice yella follow up my mal florence lure first cast into a very unlikley looking hole. 2nd cast he follwed again..by then kiwi had just arrived and i gave him the "shhhh" and pointed to the water..3rd cast and he followed again and the lure was floating bankside with the yella just sitting under it! twitch twitch SLURP! got him! a awesome little close quaters fight went on and i had him!..has with kiwis yella the colurs were awesome in the yellowbelly..a few pics and off he went to the snags.

bass were coming out from everywhere to hit our lures, none were big but was great fun watching them just come out from no where to smack lures!

next yella was fergie! watching fergies rod buckle and seeing massive headshakes was awesome! a great battle with the yella taking him into the snags a few times but ferg staying cool managed to get it out and he had his first lure caught yella! he couldnt belive a fish of such proportions could come out from such skinny water! congrats ian on ya first!

a few pools later fergie hooked another bass and we saw others in there too so myself and kiwi were happy to watch fergie nail a few to himself. it got too much for me as i cast out over in front of fergie in between two logs..then all hell broke lose!

the green and yellow mal florence was swamped by a fish right in front our eyes! i thought it was a yella at first then kiwi yelled COD! and it was! quickly i jumped in the water and but some stick into the fight and this fish was angry! splashing and going for the snags, but somehow my 2lb braid, hahah yes 2lb ! done it! i had my 4th cod in as many weeks! and it was bigger than the rest. a very dark,fat healthy mary river cod! yeeehaaa! as i lip gripped it i found out they have teeth! my left thumb is now torn to shreds :P

so after a few pics and a release vid she went back to the most unlikley looking "cod hole" in the river :)

still havent got my smile off my face, what a birthday present!

we trekked on and bass were still keen and me and fergie had a double hook up , i got a small bass and fergie nailed a small silver. so fergie and I had got a trifecta each!

a awesome day had! that was the greatest fish i have ever caught!



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Mate that was the best days fishin I have had in a long time :woohoo: :woohoo:

Watchin that cod come out from under that snag and smash the lure was absolutely freakin awesome :ohmy: Fergie gettin his firsts as well was also awesome, also me gettin my PB yella was a added bonus. :woohoo: . Cant w8 for the next Stanley mission, bring it on :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:

Dean ;)

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Little Grey Men wrote:

Great report mate. Your sure getting well aquainted with those pretty little cod. I found a red Mal Florence stuck to a snag a few days back....I'm fairly sure it's a Mal Florence...looks just like the one in your photo !!! I'll give it to you next time we cross paths.

red and black?..hahaha yep that was mine!

mate you keep it! yellas love em!

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I had the missus up at Snag alley on the yaks on Friday, did not take any fishing gear as it was her first yak trip. The bl@@dy bass were taking insects off the surface all around us in glassed out conditions for the entire hour we were paddling. The missus says to me - I dont know why you dont catch more of these fish, they are everywhere! :blink:

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